Unboxing the Bean Bag

I received my new bean bag today so it’s time for an unboxing. On the outside of that they have a nice liner which I believe is made of cotton It’s gray and serves to hold together all the stuff that comes inside the bean bag. What you do is you take that filling for the bean bags to get inside the liner and then the liner goes inside of the cover. Now, the cover can be made of several different things. The cover can be made of microsuede fiber. Or, the cover can be leather or denim I got the micro fiber one because I think it looks the nicest.

When you get your bean bag in the mail it comes in two big boxes. What they do is they vacuum seal the boxes with the stuffing inside. The stuffing that goes inside the bean bag is sealed very tightly into a little cube. Now, the first thing that you’re going to do is decide on what room you’re going to put them back in.

This is really important because the bean bag is going to fill up with air and slowly expand over the course of a day. So, it’s going to get pretty heavy and big after that. So, just thought a little room that you want to put the bean bag in and then open up the package.

Remove the vacuum sealed wrapping around the foam and quickly put it inside of the cotton liner. You can break it apart with your hands to speed up the process of letting the air get to the foam for the bean bag. This filling is going to expand more and more throughout the day so getting into the liner and then put the liner inside of the bean bag when you are done. You can roll the bean bag around to break apart the ceiling and let the air get to it more quickly. That’s what I did and it took about 24 hours to fully expand. After that, you are all set to go.